Oliver Laric – Lincoln 3D Scans

Oliver Laric – Lincoln 3D Scans

25 September - 5 October




Image courtesy of
Oliver Laric / Seventeen Gallery / Tanya Leighton Gallery

Oliver Laric examines the productive possibilities of the copy, the bootleg and the remix and considers their role within history and contemporary image culture.

Laric’s predominantly web-based artistic practice is characterised by the manipulation and reinterpretation of existing cultural images. He operates in a simulacral space where concepts of authorship, truth, presence, original and copy are shown to be obsolete, or at least irrelevant. Herein the artist often uses technologically advanced production methods to be able to create works that deal with the spaces in between original and copy, present and past, the authentic and nonauthentic. In Laric’s work categories disintegrate and boundaries dissolve in a way that questions their existence.

In collaboration with the Collection and Usher Gallery in Lincoln, Laric initiated ‘Lincoln 3D Scans’, a project comprised of scanning and publishing 3-D models of works in the institutes’ archive. ‘Lincoln 3D Scans’ aims at making the collection available to an audience outside of its geographic proximity and to treat the objects as starting points for new works. The virtualized national treasures are now free as open source models ready to be downloaded and adjusted. This project extends Laric’s research into the status of a copy versus the original like he has been working on for instance in his series of video’s ‘Versions’ (2009-ongoing). In ‘Versions’ is each video a montage of appropriated text and images based on the previous version.

Oliver Laric lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo projects and group exhibitions include: MIT List Visual Arts Center, CAS Annual Award at Lincoln Museum, Art|43|Basel, Skulpturhalle Basel, Frieze Art Fair, Fridericianum, Palais de Tokyo, Kunstverein München, Herald St, Mass MoCA, X-initiative and the New Museum.

Olivier Laric’s work will be on display as part of the exhibition ‘the fluidity aspect’, which runs from the 25th of September until the 5th of October. Find more information about the exhibition here.