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Ella Overkleeft

Night Mayor Foundation
21 September
Bleyenberg Floor 2
Ella Overkleeft

Ella Overkleeft is a cultural consultant with an emphasis on social and urban development. Her specialty is developing concepts and connecting her network at the exactly right time and place.

Furthermore, she is the co-founder of the ‘Night Mayor foundation’ in Amsterdam; within this role, she travelled the world advising local government organisations on their nightlife policies to ensure a safer platform for cultural events to exist and flourish.

Meanwhile, Ella stays at the forefront of social and cultural development in Amsterdam and beyond. At the moment she works on a private-public awareness campaign called ‘Celebrate Safe’. This national campaign supports all the festivals and clubs across the Netherlands to practice safe partying methods. Next to her two main projects she is always busy with spaces and places to stimulate the social and creative value for the city of Amsterdam.