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Yamuna Forzani – The Pineapple Kiki Ball

Kiki Function
21 September
Bleyenberg Rooftop
Performance, Club
Yamuna Forzani – The Pineapple Kiki Ball

Yamuna Forzani is an artist and designer, but above all queer activist living and working in The Netherlands. She wants to create and live in a ‘queer utopia where people are allowed to self-narrate their bodies’— a profoundly radical act.

At TodaysArt, Forzani will host a catwalk intervention in the public space, including Yamuna’s newest fashion collection, as well as a Pineapple Vogue Kiki Function.

The participants stay true to the theme of the pineapple:

Be like a pineapple;
stand tall
wear a crown
be sweet on the inside