From NL

Spekki Webu + JEANS

Presented with The Crave
21 September
6:00 - 8:00
Het Magazijn
Spekki Webu + JEANS

Local legend Gino van Dam, aka JEANS, and his counterpart Spekki Webu from label MIRROR ZONE will join forces and temporarily take over Het Magazijn during one of our legendary club nights. With their characteristic free-flowing styles both Spekki Webu & Jeans are what you call the perfect team for mind-boggling mixes filled with unexpected twists.

Both artists have an uncanny ability to push the limits, deconstructing time and space by manipulating the pitch faders in every way. Anything goes and nothing is what it seems – from cosmic meditative tunes to breakbeat pitched way down through to dub reggae, tribal, Goa, techno and beyond.

Their fresh bold selections will keep you on the edge of the dancefloor and yearning for more.

This performance is presented in collaboration with The Crave.