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Scan 7

21 September
3:00 - 4:00
Het Magazijn
Scan 7

If you talk about Detroit, and the history of Techno, you can’t forget about Motor City-collective Scan 7.  These mysterious artists might never take off their masks, but they do know how to get their work across to their public.

Scan 7 was born in the late 80’s and its members are often mentioned as the true pioneers of techno. Their sound goes from original authentic, deep, and dark techno to experimental and housy vibes. They get their daily inspiration from their city Detroit and its culture. The city that always pushes them to go further, and to believe that they can achieve everything they want.

The group is closely connected to Underground Resistance, a record label and music collective known for its political character. SCAN 7`s name originates from the word DETROIT, which consists of 7 letters, and its area code, 313 (which, added up, equals 7).