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Oneohtrix Point Never

Presented by We Are Europe
23 September
21:30 - 22:30
Koninklijke Schouwburg
Oneohtrix Point Never

The experimental work of Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, is not easily placed in one single static box. The diverse creations of the New York-based musician, composer and Mercury prize nominated producer vary from complex, ambient soundscapes to more danceable melodies, but always with a beautiful emotional twist. The artist will perform his brand new multimedia concertscape MYRIAD at TodaysArt 2018.

‘0PN’ got his first musical inspiration from his father’s collection of jazz fusion and Stevie Wonder tapes. The Roland Juno-60 synthesizer he would later inherit from him set the stage for his first electronic experimentations, that led to the release of his debut album ‘Betrayed in the Octagon’ in 2007.

His tenth studio album ‘Age Of’ was released earlier this year on the English label Warp Records. The album represents the musings of this intelligence, looking back upon the foolishness of humankind.

Connecting to this album, MYRIAD examines disorienting forms of theatre, installation art and musical performance, imagined from the perspective of an artificial intelligence. The show explores film tropes, abstract sculpture, game ephemera and internet esoterica. The surrealist representation of the human era, or Anthropocene, in the form of an encaptivating live experience, was recently awarded a five-star rating by The Guardian. 

This performance is presented in the framework of We Are Europe in collaboration with Elevate Festival.