From DE / TR

Nene H

Presented by SHAPE
22 September
00:45 - 1:45
Nene H

Beste Aydin, originally a notably acclaimed classical pianist, has transformed into a different creature altogether with her most recent musical project, Nene H.

Accessing a somewhat darker, transcendental state, her live performances under this pseudonym evolve around hypnotizing electronic music for sophisticated ears.

Her mysterious yet powerful sound combines elements of drone, orient, industrial, psychedelic, vocal, darkwave, noise, experimental and techno. After releasing her debut EP on Bedouin Records in June 2017, she has played DJ sets and live frequently in clubs like Tresor, About Blank, Rabitza Moscow and lastly she performed her last piece, Fountain of Fire, in Berlin Atonal.

This performance is presented in the framework of SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe).