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Modular Synthesizer Ensemble – Workshop

22 September
11:00 - 18:00
Grey Space in the Middle Basement
Modular Synthesizer Ensemble – Workshop

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble puts its focus on a collective musical experience. Led by Gammon, who has been working with the Modular Synthesizer since the 1990s and is active in the field of music and art education, this hands-on participatory workshop teaches basic knowledge about electronic sound production and composition.

The workshop enables an intuitive approach to the analogue Modular Synthesizer and makes electronic music tangible and comprehensible, even if you have no previous knowledge.

The first part of the workshop will guide you through the functional principle of the instrument and demystify electronic sound generation, followed by an individual task to patch and create your own sounds autonomously. These individual tasks around sound design are then merged into a more musical approach that leads towards the creation of a composition together as an ensemble and rehearsing for a live presentation.

The 12 Modular Synthesizers are individual instruments, based on subtractive synthesis and equipped with a wide range of possibilities, such as Wave Shaping, Frequency Modulation, Cross Modulation, Sampling, Sequencing and even a focus on acoustic sound sources.

Because of its unique musical and social acoustic experience, the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble enables a similar challenge to experienced musicians, modular enthusiasts or people with no previous knowledge.

Please note that space is limited for this workshop. To reserve your spot please register by sending an email to