From FR / JP

Mika Oki

Presented by SHAPE
22 September
Het Magazijn
Mika Oki

Mika Oki is a French-Japanese visual and sound artist, living and working in Brussels. With a background in sculpture and electro-acoustic music, she explores the notion of intangible spaces and emotional landscapes through video and sound installations.

In clubs, she translates her atmospherical experimentations, blurring the boundaries between techno, ambient and other influences like grime to create an evolutive and narrative environment where all landmarks of space and temporality disappear.

After showing her installation Reverse Osmosis at the Berlin Atonal 2018, she recently played at Nyege Nyege Festival and will perform at SONICA Festival during October.

This performance is presented in the framework of SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe).