From NL


Presented with PIP
22 September
PIP Den Haag

Emerging from the heart of Amsterdam’s club scene, Lupe carries out a mission of unity through his music and parties. Drawing inspiration from acid house and disco while interjecting his vocals and lyrics, the resulting self-expression sets Lupe out from the competitive local scene, aided by his vast knowledge of house music and culture.

This knowledge sprung from his experience as an event organizer, a profession he took on as early as in 2004. Aided by his triple talent of producing, deejaying and party-organizing, he began exploring dance music with a childhood Christmas gift, the aptly-named Acid House compilation on the Jack Trax label that started his record collection.

His previous music releases like Shake and Give Me Body are supported by artists such as Alinka & Shaun J Wright, The Black Madonna, Derrick Carter, Heidi, Andy Butler, Tom Trago, Azari & III, Terry Farley to name a few.

This performance is presented in collaboration with PIP Den Haag.