From ZA, DE


21 September
00:00 - 02:00
Bleyenberg Rooftop

Lerato Khathi, aka Lakuti, grew up in Soweto, South Africa. She took a deep interest in music from a very young age, inspired by her mother’s impressive collection of soul & funk, her jazz schooling as well as her own collection of Chicago house records. Soon, it was time to turn this creative energy into something bigger.

This is why Lakuti didn’t hesitate a second when a 100 capacity theatre in a Johannesburg suburb became vacant in the early 90s, and she convinced the owners to let her turn it into a small club. Planet Hendon, a small-scale breeding ground for local talent, was born. A couple of musical collaborations and a study in Canada later, she decided to move to London and dedicate her life to music. This involved programming and playing at underground parties and festivals in the UK and abroad, establishing her own label and booking agency, and getting involved in several exciting international collaborations.

The industry all-rounder currently lives in Berlin. She mostly dedicates her own sets to the more soulful side of house music with influences from jazz, a remnant of the record collection she inherited from her grandfather and still holds on to today.