From US, DK

Kyle McDonald & Jonas Jongejan – Light Leaks

21 + 22 + 23 September
The Grey Space in the Middle RNDR
Kyle McDonald & Jonas Jongejan – Light Leaks

One dark room, three projectors, fifty disco balls and a healthy dose of well-planned lighting sequences are what teleports the festival audience to a magical world in ‘Light Leaks’, a work by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan.

For this work, the designers have used hundreds of structured light scans to capture the position of each projected pixel, and then modeled their reflection in the mirror balls using SketchUp. In this way, they created mesmerizing reflections that fill the peripheral vision of visitors.

McDonald and Jongejan describe their creation as ‘a curious space that alternates between a meditative state and an uneasy imbalance. An experiment in combining a found object with computer vision to create a profound and unusual experience.’

Kyle McDonald is an artist mainly working with code. This work includes provocative interventions and performances, visualization and glitch art. Jongejan is a creative technologist at Google Creative Lab.

This project is presented in collaboration with digital art producer  Juliette Bibasse