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Kutin | Kindlinger

Presented with Azimuth
22 September
The Grey Space in the Middle
Kutin | Kindlinger

Artistic duo Kutin | Kindlinger works with sound and its possible extensions. Over the last decade, they have realised a wide and acclaimed range of sonic and sound-based interdisciplinary projects.

The artists consequently look for friction and its potential, for psychological twists between the relations of sound, image and object. Therefore, they often work with or develop technical prostheses that expand our limited human perception.

Kutin | Kindlinger‘s works has received several awards  & mentions over the years, such as the renowned Karl-Sczuka Award for their radiophonic composition Desert Bloom (in cooperation with Christina Kubisch), as well as the prize for the best sound-design at Diagonale-Filmfestival for Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s latest film Homo Sapiens.

Their most recent work Decomposition  IV was premiered live as an AV show at the 2017 edition of LUFF (Lausanne Underground FilmFestival) and will  be on stage again in 2018

This performance is presented in collaboration with Azimuth, an organization for the production and performance of electroacoustic music in the Netherlands.