From UK, TU, US, NL

Interactive Media Art and Open Source Technologies

22 September
15:00 - 16:15
The Grey Space in the Middle RNDR
Interactive Media Art and Open Source Technologies

In collaboration with platform Digilogue Istanbul and RNDR studio, this panel brings together media artists working with live coding, performance, and open source tools, to present and speak about their interactive work.

If we understand interactivity as a type of gesture—not only when the viewer is interacting with the art object or subject itself, but as the collection or set of gestures made while interacting with the process of creating work in this way—then what role do open source tools and platforms play in the creation of interactive work?

This panel will open up discussions on the potential liberation and limitation inherent in using open source tools. What are the mental, bodily, and societal gestures that emerge in these interactions? If the gesture is present in both designing a process for the viewer and while coding and interacting with the open source tools, then what connections do we see between the experience of using the tool and the experience of interaction with the final work?

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