HYPER_HOLOGRAM – Artist Talk with c/a

Artist Talk
22 September
16:45 - 17:15
Grey Space in the Middle RNDR
HYPER_HOLOGRAM – Artist Talk with c/a

c / a [pronounced as cslasha] is an anonymous post-genre music duo that experiments with audio, visuals and mixed reality — pioneering magical digitalism, various surgical procedures and sentiments.

In this artist talk, c / a will discuss their work and their current audiovisual performance HYPER_HOLOGRAM, a study of applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the context of digital magicalism. Here; photos in hard-drives are shards of memories, rachmaninoff is nothing but a multidimensional vector of numbers. Cities are realities we construct. Here; all is intertwined. You can touch them all and dance.

This talk will be moderated by digital art curator Juliette Bibasse and we will be joined by Lalin Akalan, artistic director of Digilogue, who will be discussing Digilogue’s evolving collaboration with c/a and the value of their work.

Presented in collaboration with Digilogue, a transmedia platform that focuses on digital’s interaction with other disciplines — aiming to arouse curiosity, ask questions and build an interdisciplinary dialogue.