From NL

cellF & Han Bennink

Presented by We Are Europe
21 September
18:00 - 18:30
the Grey Space in the Middle
cellF & Han Bennink

When he was young, Dutch drummer and multi-instrumentalist Han Bennink learned how to play music by drumming on a chair. An unconventional drum kit indeed, but the ‘musician’ he will be jamming with on TodaysArt is certain to be even more unconventional than that.

Bennink toured with big jazz artists like Sonny Rollins and Ben Webster, and also engaged in the development of European ‘free jazz’, together with fellow Dutch pioneers Misha Mengelberg and Willem Breuker.

His open mind, creative approach and ability to cross artistic borders have propelled him into the arms of ‘cellF:’ a project by Guy Ben-Ary and others. In ‘cellF’, Bennink will perform reflexive, interactive sound pieces together with the world’s very first neural synthesizer, or a ‘rock star in a petri dish.’ Read more about the project here.

This performance is presented in the framework of We Are Europe in collaboration with c/o pop.