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Fani Konstantinidou

Presented with Azimuth
22 September
Grey Space in the Middle
Fani Konstantinidou

Fani Konstantinidou is a composer and sound artist who concentrates on cultural and social identities and their sonic imprints.

In her project Sound Topographies, she uses varying raw material, from musical instruments to spoken language and from everyday sound[scape]s to computer-generated sounds.

Live, she produces shifting sonic textures that circulate between drones, noise, arrhythmic melodies and atonal rhythms, aiming at musical dialogues and public communication through sound. Inspired by the influence of space and time in music, she creates and recreates timelines of sonic events and parallel soundscapes.

This performance is presented in collaboration with Azimuth, an organization for the production and performance of electroacoustic music in the Netherlands.