From TN, FA

Deena Abdelwahed

Presented by SHAPE
22 September
3:15 - 5:30
Deena Abdelwahed

Coming from the Tunisian alternative music scene, Deena Abdelwahed works to inject a dose of innovation and experimentation in electronic dance music in her home country. Whereas she made her debut accompanying jazzman Fawzi Cheki- li and his group ‘So Soulful’ as a jazz and soul singer, she soon proved to be just as strong as an independent DJ and composer.

By combining local rhythms with her own technological personal touch, Abdelwahed creates energetic experimental music that sets crowds in motion across the world. However, she is also not afraid to reference all-too-real geopolitical concerns while doing so, making her avant-gardist work so much more than just another type of ‘world music.’

Abdelwahed’s latest release KLABB on InFiné is one of those outstanding fusions of footwork and social commentary. The artist currently continues performing in Tunisian nightclubs and festivals as well as abroad (either solo as a DJ or with Arabastazy’s Artists).

This performance is presented in the framework of SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe).