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Dasha Rush (live A/V) – Les Territoires Ephemeres

22 September
Theater aan het Spui
Dasha Rush (live A/V) – Les Territoires Ephemeres

Dasha Rush is known to push the boundaries of contemporary art and is certain to do exactly that at TodaysArt with her new trans-disciplinary piece, ‘Les Territoires Ephemeres’ (The Ephemeral Territories). The performance unifies various artistic platforms, such as audio-visual art, dance, real-time generative visuals, electronic music and abstract poetry with theatrical elements into one ephemeral interaction.

Rush’ work has a dreamy, ambient character and is mostly focused away from the dance floor; sometimes even from the music itself. By experimenting with musical and non-musical means of expression, she has established her own artistic signature style.

One of the products from this is ‘Les Territoires Ephemeres.’ The piece investigates certain fragile realms, such as the inconsistency of the memory, physical and mental frictions and relativity of the perception. The idea of the performance refers to transitory audiovisual matter not intended to be retained or preserved. The show, a collaboration with dancer/performer Valentin Tszin and visual artist Stanislav Glazov, will premiere in The Netherlands just after it was recently performed at the Raster Index night in Berlin.

Dasha Rush will also perform a DJ-set at TodaysArt. Read more