From RU, FA

Dasha Rush

Presented by We Are Europe
22 September
1:45 - 3:15
Dasha Rush

Russian-born composer, DJ and sound artist Dasha Rush spends her time drifting around the globe, while also constructing an extensive portfolio of experimental electronic music and art projects. Her work is an exciting journey in itself, where the genre functions as a starting point rather than a destination.

Rush brings in influences from her motherland Russia as well as her current home country France, lifting these to new levels through numerous multi-artistic collaborations. She produces work with a dreamy, ambient character, which is mostly focused away from the dance floor— and sometimes even from the music itself.

She experiments with musical and non-musical means of expression, assembling these into a thoughtful composition to form a multidisciplinary whole. Her recent album, ‘Sleepstep’, reflects on the state between sleep and wakefulness. In a way, this is a reflection on her own work and the in-between zones it often inhabits.

Dasha Rush will also perform an A/V-show at TodaysArt, in collaboration with Valentin Tszin and Stanislav Glasov.