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Avinash Changa – VR: past, present and future

Keynote speech
21 September
15:00 - 16:00
Bleyenberg Floor 2
Avinash Changa – VR: past, present and future

Our keynote speaker this year is Avinash Changa, the CEO and founder of WeMakeVR. This pioneering Virtual Reality enterprise, which is based in the Netherlands, is currently changing the world of immersive experiences in different fields through the application of new VR-techniques.

The company’s mission is “to utilize Virtual Reality in ways that bring people joy, help them learn, experience amazing new things, capture and relive fond memories.” WeMakeVR has been involved with VR since 2013, exploring new ways of storytelling, developing best practices, new technologies and workflows. Recently they created a new camera system to produce true immersive 3D films for virtual reality.

Avinash’s keynote will give an introduction into the world of VR, covering its history, the current state of technology, case-examples, and a glimpse into the future of VR.