Artist Talk with Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi

Artist Talk
22 September
14:00 - 14:30
The Grey Space in the Middle RNDR
Artist Talk with Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi

Rhizomatiks is a creative studio specialised in large scale commercial and artistic projects using both art and technology.

Inspired by the structural pluralism embodied by the rhizome, Rhizomatiks was established in 2002 as a nonhierarchical, liberal, decentralized collective. They engage in a diverse spectrum of projects that cultivate growth through a complex nexus of interrelationships linking place, time, physical product, and intangible idea. Rhizomatiks is the fertile soil, a meeting ground where specialists connect to tackle challenges and plant the seeds for a verdant future of novel experiences and innovative modes of expression.

In this artist talk, Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi of Rhizomatiks Research will discuss the ‘phosphere’ performance they are premiering at TodaysArt, the current research that Rhizomatiks is undertaking, and their large-scale interactive digital installations and performance works.

This artist talk will be moderated by digital art curator Juliette Bibasse.