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Yamil Oulad El Hadj – untitled

21 + 22 + 23 September
Grey Space in the Middle
Yamil Oulad El Hadj – untitled

May 1st 2000, the US government shuts down the Selective Availability function of the Global Positioning System (GPS). This work speculates on a world in which GPS was never released to the public.

How would we navigate without GPS? One alternative is the usage of Visual Positioning Marks (VPMs). These marks broadcast their exact location through their visual form, which can be read and interpreted through special devices. These can be placed on vehicles, scanning the surroundings for VPMs while driving.

That way, the device always knows which mark is the closest and therefore knows the approximate location of the vehicle. With Visual Positioning Marks, navigating is turned into travelling from marker to marker.