From NL

Elise Bodt – untitled

21 + 22 + 23 September
Grey Space in the Middle
Elise Bodt – untitled

In the year 1993, the first Internet Service Provider for individual consumers was launched. What if that had never happened and the internet would have only been available to governments and companies? This project investigates what life would be like and how we would handle our data storage.

According to the artist, we would value our data much more if we would have to manage our data physically. We would protect it and carry it around like something really precious. Because of this, the artist designed 64GB-chips that can be carried with a necklace.

Furthermore, the artist reasoned there would be some kind of physical social media services one could subscribe to. Every morning, the mailman would then deliver the updates from your friends into everyone’s mailbox. Mail could be accessed using a chip, that people would store somewhere safe at home. For this purpose, Bodt also came up with a kind of “smart” box which can read the chips and can be connected to your sound system at home.