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TodaysArt Festival
21-23 Sept 2018
The Hague

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Confirmed Program:

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The thumbnail shot is so beautiful

Club: DJ / Live Performances

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Performances, Concerts, A/V and Tech-shows

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Vladimir Ivkovic

Confirmed Program

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Lotic & Roderick George – Embryogenesis

Deena Abdelwahed

Dasha Rush

Nonotak – VERSUS

I adjust it, I adjust it, I adjust

Michela Pelusio – SpaceTime Helix

Oneohtrix Point Never

Apparat (DJ)


Kyle McDonald & Jonas Jongejan – Light Leaks

This would make a good video game.

Shed (live A/V)

Lanark Artefax

Too "helicoptery", they look like tiny Apaches.