Yon Eta + Sphynx
From NL + MX

Yon Eta + Sphynx

Hybrid A/V
22 September - 02:00
Koninklijke Schouwburg | 03 | Sol LeWitt

In a one-off show for TodaysArt 2017 Dutch artist Yon Eta and Mexican artist Sphynx present a hybrid A/V show exploring contemporary mashup culture. Inspired by social media infrastructure and nowadays’ fast content creation, they are consciously reinterpreting meaning by playing with source versus context of online content.

Yon Eta is a multilingual artist who runs the DEVORM imprint, a hybrid community challenging the form of A/V releases, and the ‘Bar None presents’ club series in Amsterdam where he explores the past, present and future of club culture. He is based in the Hague, and has showcased his work at Sonic Acts Festival, FOAM and EYE Film Institute,

Sphynx is installation artist and UX designer Enrique Arce Gutierrez, originally from Mexico. This Utrecht based visual artist’ work revolves in the exploration of technology and its creative incorporation within art and design. His works display the desire to create autonomous and embodied artworks that distance themselves from the author as the operator. He is fascinated by computer vision and microbiology and is the founder of algo-clothing brand Aegis IO and part of Mexican label Sonido Inconciente. He has played shows on Mutek, Tokae Light Festival and Freemote Festival.