23 September - 23:30
Koninklijke Schouwburg | 03 | Sol LeWitt

Yodashe’s artfully mind-bending pop is situated somewhere between classical music, indie rock and electronica. Obsessed chorister, classical pianist and a lover of ‘Medúlla’-era Björk, Yodashe cuts her own shapes out of the world and samples them in her haunting alternative pop acapellas.

Like an Athenian Arthur Russell, Yodashe uses cityscapes and landscapes to inform her hypnagogic take on classical music. On the flip side, having opened for Primal Scream and Bloc Party in front of 7,000 people, she’s also got a mean indie streak which is revealed in her live performances. Yodashe’s got that killer combination of an experimental heart and impeccable classical credentials: she’s a multi-faceted vocalist who’s been playing piano since the tender age of five and has previously recorded the sound of sugar being ground by a metal spoon.

Yodashe is presented in co-curation with Reworks festival, as part of the We are Europe network (supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union).