Wifibles are wearable routers that will host online content. During the TodaysArt festival, a number of pieces are hosted on these devices. When you’re in range of one of the Wifibles’s Wi-Fi signals, you will be able to connect to the network and a piece of video will be shown through the browser.

Wifibles plays with the idea of a wifi-hotspot as a way to distribute art, and with the concept of ‘free Wi-Fi’. Wifibles is a collaberation between Ibo Ibelings (code, design, production), Jelle Reith (code, design, production) and Hanneke Klaver (Wifibles production). The content hosted on some Wifibles is “harvested” by Peter Zuiderwijk from Collective Works for, others contain material by the artists Rebekka Fries and Aram Bartholl.