Richard Devine

Richard Devine

23 September - 00:00
Koninklijke Schouwburg | 01 | Main
Performance, Club

Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic artist and accomplished sound designer, specializing in musical composition, sonic mnemonics, field recording, sound effects and specialized sound design for film, web media, VR and video games. Devine’s music moves like a slightly unhinged force, in rapid clicks and metallic thrums or alien funk added scattering beats. Constantly reconfiguring his own hardware systems, Devine creates music by processing layer after layer of sounds derived from abstract electronic rhythms, field recordings, and electronic tracks.

In his latest premiere of his “Disturbances” patch, which is a custom built modular system for organic on-the-fly songwriting/music generation, Devine goes from abstract ambient compositions to rhythmic bombardments, ready to take listeners into uncharted sonic territories. At TodaysArt, Richard Devine opens the CLONE 25Y club night with an experimental live set.