New Emergences #9 – Gender, electronic music and the Iron Curtain

Panel Discussion
22 September - 16:15
Theater aan het Spui | Foyer

Electronic and experimental music have different histories that unfolded, and resources that were available, on the two sides of the Iron Curtain. The history of feminism, women in society, gender identity, and the representation of these topics had quite different trajectories in North-West Europe and Central and Eastern Europe respectively.

This panel elaborates the influence of these historical pretexts on gender inequality and the representation of different genders in the field of electronic and experimental music and sound art. In addition, the panel will give insight into a comparative approach to these issues. The panel invites speakers from both regions who have been involved in developing, and advocating for, the representation of women and non-cis-men in the electronic and experimental music scene and sound art.

This panel is presented in partnership with New Emergences and in co-curation with Resonate festival, as part of the We are Europe network (supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union). The panel is also supported by the SHAPE platform.