Laurel Halo
From US

Laurel Halo

23 September
Koninklijke Schouwburg

Heavy, mutilated strains of electronic music: Laurel Halo’s productions are shapeshifting messes, moody and ecstatic, with flashes of rhythmic brilliance mediated by modal simplicity. Taking influence from the techno of her Midwest roots, the Berlin-based artist has developed a unique take on electronic music, combining the machine pulse of hardware and software instruments (synthesizers, samplers, drum machines) with her own voice to address physical process, liminality, and virtual violence.

Halo’s debut album ‘Quarantine’ and its successor ‘Chance of Rain’ were met with widespread critical acclaim, topping year-end lists at The Washington Post, The Wire, and other respected publications. Halo will be premiering her latest record ‘Dust’ at TodaysArt.