Julien Desprez

Julien Desprez

22 September - 20:45
Theater aan het Spui | 02

Julien Desprez is a musician and performer based in Paris. Jazz and rock were his early musical loves, but they rapidly evolved to free forms where body and space find their places through sound. Oscillating between sound art, performance and contemporary improvisational music, his work today is centred around the body, space, sight and light, with sound always remaining as the central pillar. Taking inspiration from the techniques of Tap Dance, Julien mixes instrumental play and the use of his effect pedals, completely opening up the possibilities of sound and the physical environment of his instruments.

Julien is also a co-founder of the Collectif Coax, a music cooperative based in Paris and created in 2008, which was recently labelled “Compagnie Nationale” by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Julien Desprez is part of the SHAPE program.