Jonas Lund
From SE

Jonas Lund

Happy or Not

Jonas Lund engages with a variety of hyped technologies, such as big data, machine learning and algorithms to explore and subvert networked systems of power, with a special interest in how the contemporary art world evaluates and mediates value. In his works he effortlessly combines programming with painting, sculpture and photography, amongst others. Using different media he develops tactics and strategies for outsmarting systems by twisting the perception of how things are meant to operate. 

With a series of wall pieces, the artist invites the viewer to leave emotional feedback on their exhibition experience. Next to this Jonas stages an opposing dialogue within a video installation about feedback systems, power structures and happiness.

Jonas Lund: “Every part of our daily lives is being measured and evaluated — either voluntarily while we are aware or hidden behind mechanisms in an opaque manner. These metrics come to represent unbiased truth, the foundation and justification for all decision making. It is the science behind seemingly random patterns and flows of information. While statisticians and big data prophets swear by the value of quantification, there is room to question the efficiency and bias it creates in its path. It seems that through quantification and big data strategies, you are able to spin whatever story you deem fitting to your bigger objectives, how can we evaluate, question and critique data that is so “large” that no human can ever get a grasp over it?”