Jaakko Pallasvuo + MSL

Jaakko Pallasvuo + MSL

Bridge Over Troubled Water

It’s 1967, 2015, 2515, 10000 AD. Simon and Garfunkel are travelling through time. Seeking an answer to their growing sadness and anxiety, brought on in part by the slowly overwhelming presence of climate change, they head to the coast, are incarcerated, visit the botanical garden in Turku, and watch Jake Gyllenhaal in Deep Impact in a darkened room.
‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ is a video that is part of an ongoing collaborative project between the performance collective MSL (Antti Jussila and Jari Kallio) and artist Jaakko Pallasvuo. By using the music duo Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel as protagonists they look into our increasingly precarious contemporary existence. Past, present and future landscapes are shown, as well as personal and ecological loss.