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The “#givitatitle” is a multidisciplinary installation made by students of the Royal Academy of Art in collaboration with TodaysArt in the context of 100 years anniversary of establishing a journal called “De Stijl”. The installation consists of three transparent display panels activated by projecting constantly fluctuating flow of information that creates a juxtaposition narrative to the keynote speaker. Materials are synchronized according to the present narrative in order to visualize overwhelming diversity by inclusion, not exclusion.

The artists say beauty of our world is that it is complex, diverse and chaotic. Truth and false are abstract concepts that vary regarding to the context to which they are applied. It is necessary to operate by knowing the context in order to understand and be willing to accept realities. How does one stay open for dialog and different interpretations? This work is developed with the purpose of reminding people that reality is constructed and choices are predetermined, hence the illusion of freedom.

#givitatitle is a work by ‘Sponsored by’ artist collective with Chris Kore (UA), Katsiaryna Banar (BY), Roslana Yotova (BG), Maja Pop Trajkova (MK)

‘Mentality-No Style’
This event is part of 100 Years of the De Stijl/Mondrian year and belongs to the education programme ‘Mentality-No Style’ in which a selected group of 20 KABK-students Graphic Design and Interior Architecture & Furniture Design have worked for almost a year within the mindset of ‘De Stijl’: multidisciplinary and with a strong public character. From February 2017 the students have been following theory lessons of the style-connoisseurs, and were immersed in all aspects of this artistic movement: of typography and furniture designs to forms of presentation and use of the public space. In collaboration with partners such as The Hague Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and TodaysArt Festival they have planned five public programmes. The project has been made possible with financial support from the municipality of The Hague.