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Ethics for Design by Gauthier Roussilhe

Film Screening
23 September - 15.00
Filmhuis Den Haag

Gauthier Roussilhe is a designer and writer who researches the future implications of ethics and complexity. Every day we use objects, services, and applications designed by all kinds of designers, but is everything that the designer conceives of done in our interest? The design of any product can be a moral dilemma when the designer must choose between his economic survival, the financial interest of his sponsor and the well-being of the user. Faced with these dilemmas that are a constant within the design profession, it is essential to create a basis for reflection and to define an ethical framework.

Roussilhe’s documentary ‘Ethics for Design’ was created because of the necessity to not leave the present and future generations of designers indifferent to the impact of their profession and the value of their responsibility.

Team: Clément le Tulle-Neyret, Sylvain Julé, Gauthier Roussilhe