Fausto Bahia (NAAFI)

Fausto Bahia (NAAFI)

22 September - 01:00
Koninklijke Schouwburg | 01 | Main

Tomás Davó, aka Fausto Bahia, is one of the founders of NAAFI (Afrikaner acronym for ‘No Ambition and Fuck-all Interest’), running the Mexican record label alongside Mexican Jihad, and RBMA 2014 alumni Lao. Needing a Mexican outlet for their favourite dance sub-genres, the group of friends came together in celebration of Ritmos Perificos, a term and short-hand manifesto that translates literally to ‘outsider rhythms’. Since throwing their first party in 2010, the NAAFI team garnered a considerable reputation in Mexico and beyond, soon establishing a community to celebrate outsider music.