DJ Panic

DJ Panic

22 September - 04:00
Koninklijke Schouwburg | 01 | Main

In recent years the gabber genre, emerging in the 90s in Rotterdam, has again gained worldwide attention, inspiring various artists and brands—from Dior advertorials to Lorenzo Senni’s inspired compositions, gabber seems to appear everywhere in contemporary pop culture. Going back to its roots, TodaysArt is very excited to announce gabber legend DJ Panic to close its Friday club night.

DJ Panic, born as Dennis Copier in 1975, was barely 16 when he performed at a dance-party for the first time. Later on, the Forze DJ Team was founded, consisting of DJ Paul Elstak, DJ Lars and DJ Panic. Together they made a name with their instant hit “May the Forze be with you”. In the years following their hit release, DJ Panic toured all over Europe, the United States and Japan together with Paul Elstak and Lars, becoming the gabber legend he is today.