Paula Temple - United Kingdom - 24 September - Paula Temple - United Kingdom - 24 September

"Your new mission in life should be to hear this live. She is a monster of techno, awesome."

Paula Temple

Sound is powerful in Paula Temple’s capable hands. It becomes tangent and openly present within the room, something you can feel throughout your entire body. Self described as a noisician, she’s a true veteran of the UK techno scene. Emerging in the early 90’s, she took an unexpected break to mentor music tech to underprivileged kids before upturning our ears in 2013 with her Colonized EP on R&S, her forceful return behind the decks. Temple has an unparalleled expertise for pristine sound designs and an intense craft for grinding industrial rhythms. She has cemented herself and inspired countless females within a scene that’s still so inherently masculine, shifting the brutality of techno into a more refined mass of energy that forms the dynamic ‘hybrid’ techno DJ/Live set she bring to TodaysArt 2016.

24 September


Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 1

02:00 - 04:00