Pantha du Prince – The Triad - Germany - 23 September - Pantha du Prince – The Triad - Germany - 23 September

"This is extraordinary while you're traveling on a trip and while you're tripping on a travel"

Pantha du Prince – The Triad

Pantha du Prince is the solo moniker of Berlin-based producer and DJ Hendrik Weber. Renowned for his characterically lush and atmospheric fusion of minimal techno, shimmering house and shoegazey electronica, Weber’s music – from his Dial Records debut This Bliss right through to 2010’s “Black Noise” – has always had the distinct honour of suiting equally to the comforts of home as it does the darker recesses of the club. While his latest release, The Triad, shows no intention of bucking that trend, it does see Weber share his most private of affairs with fellow musicians, Bendik Kjeldsberg of the Bell Laboratory and Scott Mou, a.k.a. Mr. Queens. Performing the full album as a trio at TodaysArt 2016, Weber and co. have transformed The Triad into a grandiose audiovisual display replete with costumes, masks, a light show and more.

This project is presented in the framework of We are Europe by Insomnia Festival.



23 September

Performance, Club

Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 1