NONOTAK – Verticals - France - 23 + 24 September - NONOTAK – Verticals - France - 23 + 24 September

"Mesmerising watching it on video, can only imagine how I'd feel watching it in person! Absolutely stunning!"

NONOTAK – Verticals

Experimenting with light, sound and space, French-Japanese duo NONOTAK create immersive, dreamlike audiovisual environments that envelop the viewer and blur the boundaries between reality and the virtual.

Whether devised as visual art installations or live performances, the works of artists and musicians Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto fuse glitchy, melodic techno with strobe-based lighting design and multi-screen geometric structures to create dazzling universes that envelop both artist and audience and blur the boundary between reality and the virtual. No stranger to TodaysArt, NONOTAK’s <Daydream V0.03 and Late Speculation stole the show at our 10-year anniversary in 2014. Returning for a second time this year, the duo will debut a new work at TodaysArt 2016. NONOTAK is a 2016 SHAPE Platform artist and their performance is supported by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

This project is presented in the framework of SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe)


23 + 24 September


Theater aan het Spui - Foyer

10:30 - 04:00