New Emergences#4 - International - 24 September - New Emergences#4 - International - 24 September

"Aesthetics, Politics, Philosophy and New Emergences in Current Electronic Music and surroundings, New Emergences #4: How numbers speak for themselves."

New Emergences#4

Moderated by: Mariette Groot
Keynote: Ruth Timmermans
Panel: Anne La Berge, Ruth Timmermans and Florian Cramer

New Emergences is an ongoing The Hague-based lecture and discussion series hosted by a group of composers, improvisers, performers, researchers and sound artists all working in the field of electronic music. Inspired by Doreen Massey, the series is a Safe Space where dialogue can emerge and debates are encouraged. At TodaysArt 2016, the group present their fourth session of the series. Entitled New Emergences #4: How numbers speak for themselves, it will highlight the current debates around gender in electronic music. The session opens with a keynote by Gonzo Circus Managing Director Ruth Timmermans, and will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A moderated by Underbelly’s Mariette Groot and featuring  Ruth Timmermans, Anne La Berge, and Florian Cramer.

24 September


Filmhuis Den Haag Studio A

11:00 - 13:00