Limpe Fuchs - Germany - 23 September - Limpe Fuchs - Germany - 23 September

Limpe Fuchs

Limpe Fuchs is a sound artist who has found her focal concepts in simplicity and emotion. Her sound material ranges from ringing bronze, skin covered drums, bamboo flutes, granite stone rows and violins, allowing her to interpret each improvisation in resonance with the performance space. Best known as half of the husband-wife duo, Anima, Fuchs’ solo work develops a greater flexibility and intuition. Verging on sound installations, her work engages with a greater ecology of the space and materials at hand. Her astonishing performances present sound, silence and improvisation as playful concepts that an audience can reflect on. The thoughtfulness of these shows lean towards a meditative, if not therapeutic quality

23 September


Theater aan het Spui - Foyer

20:50 - 21:30