What is TodaysArt?

TodaysArt is an international platform for trans-disciplinary creativity and digital culture. TodaysArt operates as a network organization specialized in the presentation and development of contemporary visual, performing arts and emerging culture.

Since 2005 TodaysArt has brought artists, makers, thinkers and audiences together in inspiring contexts. TodaysArt is a transdisciplinary platform for international talent, established creators and pioneers, exploring new possibilities and forms of expressions. Inspired by actual topics TodaysArt aspires to promote and foster innovation, creativity and public interest for current developments within arts, culture and society. TodaysArt developed from a festival organization to a worldwide platform committed to create an environment which facilitates new ideas.

TodaysArt has built up an impressive international profile over the past eleven years by presenting and producing works that are developed through direct and intensive relationships with some of today’s leading creators. TodaysArt produces key events and projects for contemporary visual and performing arts and emerging culture with unique and varied audiences.

Its main activities are the annual TodaysArt festival and Bright Collisions symposium in The Hague. Besides these activities, TodaysArt organizes and participates in a variety of international events, exhibitions and presentations and acts as a co-producer for the development and distribution of artists and projects. More information: http://todaysart.org

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The festival wouldn’t be what it is today without the great efforts by everyone involved in the organization.

Supervisory Board
Piet Barendse
Robert Koetsier
Alex Adriaansens
Nicole van Vessum

Board of Directors
Olof van Winden
Gwyneth Wentink

TodaysArt The Hague
Tim Terpstra
Galina Bartelds
Brecht Hoffmann
Phil van der Krogt
Irvin van der Houdt

Artistic Team
Gwyneth Wentink
Remco Schuurbiers
Petra Heck
Tim Terpstra
Peter Zuiderwijk
Olof van Winden

Marketing & Communication
Galina Bartelds
Phil van der Krogt

Kwinten Vissers

Volunteer Coordination
Joya de Bock
Moniek van der Kwaak

Graphic Design & Campaign
Collective Works (Peter Zuiderwijk + Karin Mientjes)

buurmen (David Veneman + Tom Laan)

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