24 - 27 Sept 2015

Patrick Healy

Explosion is the very activity of the mythic fluid element, the shape-shifting metamorphosis, which is given to avatarsof the Dionysian in the form of Funk musicians, pre-eminently George Clinton, and the characteristics of water itself.

Patrick Healy

Writer and Philosopher. Patrick Healy works as senior researcher Delft School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, and is titular Professor of inter-disciplinary research F.I.U. (Free International University) Amsterdam.
After completion of studies in Philosophy and later Sociology and Near Eastern Languages, Pontifical University Maynooth, University College Dublin, Patrick Healy has been engaged in writing, research and teaching, mainly in the area of aesthetics and contemporary art. His recent publications include works on aesthetics, the philosophy of science and artists biographies, including a broad range of other activities associated with his work as Professor of Interdisciplinary research for the Free International University, Amsterdam, appointed 1997. He works as a Senior Researcher and tutor in the Architecture Theory Section, and provides lecture series in aesthetics and the Philosophy of Science.

26 September

Thinking with the Sea