24 - 27 Sept 2015

Leslie Garcia + Paloma Lopez (Interspecifics) : Non-human rhythms Workshop

Non-Human Rhythms refers to live recordings featuring different micro-organism and there bio-electrical activity

Leslie Garcia + Paloma Lopez (Interspecifics) : Non-human rhythms Workshop

An introduction to the use of experimental biodata sonification as a tool to produce sound gestures based on human and non-human rhythmic patterns. Examines this emerging multimodal format that transduces and maps bio signals into sound synthesis parameters that can later be used in different digital and analog sound production platforms. Focuses primarily on audification, an auditory display technique for representing data values as sound by translating the data sequence frequency into an audio waveform. Experimenting with different forms of bioelectricity coming from EEG readings, galvanic resistance in plants and bacterial fuel cells.

Please register for the workshop in advance by sending a mail to tena@todaysart.nl

26 September

Sound, Heterogenous Art and Performance in Europe