24 - 27 Sept 2015

Bernard Foing

The ‘Moon Village’ project would be a prime driver of technological advancement as well as basic scientific research and the initiation of this next phase of humanity’s foothold in space.

Bernard Foing

Prof Bernard Foing is chair of ESTEC Staff Association Committee. He has been the lead scientist for SMART-1, the first ESA probe to the Moon. As director of ILEWG/COSPAR International Lunar Exploration working Group, he has developed a forum and projects with partners to engage the public in exploration towards lunar robotic villages and human bases. He is full member of International Academy of Astronautics and Prof at VU Amsterdam. He is the convener of TodaysArt 2015 Bright Collisions Workshop: “Space Artscience & Moon Village”, will give a keynote talk on “Moon Village: Robots, humans, science, technology and arts” and he will convene a series of hands-on related workshops.

26 September

Space Science in the Arts