24 - 27 Sept 2015

ArtScience Interfaculty

The ArtScience Interfaculty offers an interdisciplinary bachelor’s and master’s programme that fosters curiosity driven research as an approach for the making of art.

ArtScience Interfaculty

The programme considers art and science as a continuum and promotes the development of new art forms and artistic languages. The ArtScience Interfaculty is embedded in both the Royal Conservatoire and The Royal Academy for Fine Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands.

While situated between the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, the ArtScience interfaculty collaborates closely with Leiden University’s Academy for Creative and Performing Arts and Media Technology MSc programme. ArtScience has an interdisciplinary focus that intersects the existing fields of music, visual arts, media art, humanities and the natural sciences. The staff originates from a variety of artistic cultures and disciplines and is unique in its scope.

26 September

Space Science in the Arts