24 - 27 Sept 2015

Vladimir Grafov – Wavefront Zero

Vladimir Grafov – Wavefront Zero

Vladimir Grafov studied physics and mathematics in Moscow, and moved to the Netherlands in 1989, where he became actively involved in the Amsterdam art scene. Grafov combines his artistic approach with scientific research and technological expertise to create new forms of immersive experiences. His current focus is on expanding the boundaries of perception and transcending the audience into the altered reality of pure form, color and sound. Grafov carries out technological, psychological and philosophical research, to focus on the relation between art, science and spirituality. His aim is to develop new applications for existing and emerging technologies as well as developing new forms of audience involvement.

Grafov presents the newly commissioned piece ‘WAVEFRONT Zero’. It starts off with the sea coast being defined by a perfectly straight line of light being interrupted only by waves, as the wavefront is in constant turbulent motion. Grafov uses laser as an optical method to visualise the flow in fluid waves. By marking a zero level as if making an incision in the sea, the work reveals the dynamic forces of the wind and sea streams beneath the Pier. The green wavefront even appears like (artificially) glowing plankton.    

25 + 26 September



21:00 - 06:00