24 - 27 Sept 2015

Surf Lab Scheveningen – LED Surfing

Surf Lab Scheveningen – LED Surfing

Surf Lab Scheveningen’s Julian Yoshi van Vliet presents ‘LED Surfing’, a visual spectacle taking place on the sea that involves, you guessed it, surfers and LEDs. LED Surfing is an existing phenomenon that Julian van Vliet is now transforming into a new format together with students of the Technical University Delft, especially for the occassion of TodaysArt at The Pier. When it becomes dark, make sure to gaze towards the sea around The Pier on Friday and Saturday, and you might see a magnificent display of lights shifting alongside and underneath The Pier. Surf Lab Scheveningen is an initiative by Julian van Vliet and Henk Selier. The lab initiates Do It Yourself (DIY) clinics, the production of surfboards using sustainable technologies and open source building and research of surfboard production using CNC machines. The lab offers housing, facilities and guidance for start-ups in this field.

25 + 26 September



21:00 - 01:00


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